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432 Studios Berlin


Hear what a professional Mastering will bring out in your Music?
Simply upload a finished Mix: we`ll master your song and send back a sample at no cost!



We offer highest quality online mixing and mastering service. We are working with hundrets of artist and labels from around the globe of various gernres.  No matter if Hip Hop, Trap, Soul, Techno, House, downtempo  electronica or a classical scoring of a Movie scene with high dynamic range and a massive lowend, we will find your compostions sweetspot!


Our mastering, mixing & production studio offers all you expect from a modern computer based production environment. High-End Towermain monitoring system by HEDD AUDIO, mastering grade room acoustics, a fully 120volt driven mastering chain by SPL with 136db of true analog headroom, a delicate selection of various analogue outboard and vintage gear, various common DAW´s and the newest plugin solutions. All you need to bring your projects to the next level. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, we help you to envelope your sound to a level that peaks out on today's dance-floors and will make it into your favorite DJ´s or Spotify playlists!

p.m. us for price information and requests, we will give direct personal feedback on your work, we take time to get to know our clients taste no matter if mixing-, mastering- or production-service, our goal is to elevate your music to the Top! if u need special equipment (preamps, mics, synthesisers, effects, etc.), recording studios, no problem! our partner network will offer you a fair & affordable renting solution.”