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The Ultimate Audio Experience

432Studios' Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible sound quality. Our services are designed to provide an immersive and powerful audio experience that will bring your music to life. With 432Studios, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality audio services available.

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mastering egineer Paul Schal is adjusting a SPL PassEQ (analog eqaulizer)

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Gear List

Monitoring and Recording equipment

SPL Mercury Mastering DAC

Lynx Hilo Reference AD/DA

RME Fireface 400

RME Fireface 800


HEDD TowerMains

HEDD Type 30

HEDD Heddphones

Adam S3H

Adam A7X

Beyerdynamik DT770


Senheiser HD25
Slate VMS-1
Neumann TLM-103

Shure SM57

432 Studios Control Room
Spl IRON Mastering Compressor and Spl PQ Mastering Equalizer

Analog Outboard

SPL DMC Mastering Console

SPL Hermes Mastering Router

SPL Gemini MS Matrix

SPL PASSEQ Mastering Equalizer

SPL IRON Mastering Compressor

SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer

ELYSIA Xpressor


1 x GreatRiver PWM501
1 x Pete's Place BAC-500

Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph

IGS RubberBands MasteringEQ

Analog Synthesizers

Buchla MusicEasel

Eurorack Module Collection

Moog Minitaur

Moog Grandmother

Roland Classics

(101, 303, 808, Juno 6,

SE02, etc.)

Sherman Filterbank

Leaf Audio Microphonic Soundbox

Korg Volca Series

Waldorf Rocket

MFB 522 Drumcomputer

Veromona Syncussion DRM1

Jomox Xbase09

Polyend Perc.

Polyend SEQ
Various Midi Controllers

modular synthesizers
mastering engineer Paul Schal working on the Spl PQ Mastering Equalizer

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