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Mastering Engineer Paul Schal with HEDD Audio HEDDPhones working on the Spl Pass EQ Passive Equalizer

Analog Mastering Services
Feel The Difference

Elevate the Sound of Your Music with Our Custom Analog Mastering Services

Mastering is the final step in bringing your music to life and it's what can make the difference between a good track and a great one. Our custom online analog mastering services are designed to help you achieve the highest possible sound quality for your music, so you can stand out from the crowd and make an impact on your listeners. Our team of experienced engineers use the latest technology and techniques to bring your music to its fullest potential with clarity, depth, and balance, all while preserving the unique character and vibe of your sound.


Your Benefits

  • Highest quality custom analog mastering tailored to your music and goals

  • Professional-grade software and hardware technology

  • Quick turnaround time (max 5 work days)

  • Affordable pricing packages for all types of music projects

  • up to 20% Album Discount

  • High Quality 24bit 44khz file delivery icl.

  • Apple Digital Masters on request

  • Unlimited Revisions and Feedbacks for guaranteed satisfaction

Stereo Mastering

85€ per Song

Our online analog mastering service is designed to take your final mix to the next level. By meticulously evaluating and balancing the tonal balance, dynamic range, and overall EQ of the audio, our experienced audio engineers will selectively process and accentuate each element of your mix, bringing out its best qualities in the final master. Our unique approach of online mastering combines cutting-edge digital technology with classic analog mastering equipment, resulting in a rich, warm, and natural sound that is unparalleled in the digital space. Trust our expirienced engineers to deliver you a professional-quality final master that stands out from the crowd. If you need help creating a professional-referenced recording that stands the test of time, our online mastering service is the solution you need to achieve that.

Stem Mastering

140€ per Song icl. 4 Audio Stems

We offer professional-grade stem mastering services that take your productions to the next level. Our experienced mastering engineers use state-of-the-art software and hardware equipment to master individual groups of audio called stems, which include drums, basslines, vocals, and other components of a song. By mastering each stem separately and then combining them, we can achieve a better overall sound for the mix. With our analog stem mastering service, you can rest assured that your mix will have unparalleled depth, clarity, and balance, with each element of the audio perfectly balanced to create a polished, professional sound. Our team of experts will work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring that your needs and goals are fully met. Experience the difference that stem mastering can make for your music. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, and let us help bring your audio tracks to the next level!

Stem Mix Master

260€ per Song icl. 16 Audio Stems

Our stem mix master service is the perfect solution if you are not 100% satisfied with your own mixdown and want to avoid a complete new mixing of your song. Our team of experienced mixing engineers has an exceptional ear for detail, and will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and goals, working tirelessly to craft a mix that perfectly complements the style and tone you're trying to achieve. Using state-of-the-art mixing equipment and software, we'll expertly balance the tonal balance, dynamic range, stereo imaging and overall EQ of the audio ensuring that all elements of the mix are perfectly blended, resulting in a balanced and polished final mix. Ultimately, our goal is to help your music reach its full potential and stand out in today’s music market. With our online mixing service, you can rest assured that your audio will be in safe hands. Contact us today to discuss your mixing requirements, and let us help bring your music to life!

Learn more about our Services

Our taylored and affordable online analog mastering and mixing services are designed to support your music carrer at any stage. No matter if you are looking to expand your knowledge or looking for the perfect finish to your song.
Our full range Music Production and Coaching services got you covered.


Book your mixing, mastering, coaching or production session now and bring your music to the next level!

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We are proud to have worked with a wide range of clients, from independent artists to major record labels. Our mixing and mastering services have helped to elevate the sound quality of countless tracks, leaving clients impressed with the level of quality and commitment we bring to every project.

Some of our notable clients include Armada Records, Capital Bra, Kontra K, Nicola Cruz, Nils Hoffmann, Matanza, Samo 104, Sony Music, Tory Lanez, Universal Records, and many more. Our professional approach, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence have earned us repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients.

At 432Studios, we believe that every client deserves our utmost attention, whether they're a chart-topping artist or an up-and-coming musician. Each project is approached with the same care and attention, and we work closely with our clients to ensure they are fully satisfied with the final result.

We take pride in our work, and we're always happy to showcase our clients and their success. Take a look at some of our previous projects below, and see for yourself the level of quality and expertise that we bring to every project.

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