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Do you want to hear what professional Mastering will bring out in your Music? Fill this Google Form and upload your Mix!
Simply upload a finished Mix: we`ll master your song and send back a sample at no cost!

Submission Guidline for MASTERING

  • Keep the master bus clean

  • Check for clicks, pops & vocal sibilance 

  • Check for too loud instruments

  • Check for phase correlation

  • Check for unwanted sub & high frequencies

  • Try to use noise reduction, de-essing & volume automation

  • Keep the peaks on the mix bus between -9to -3dBfs (with master fade at 0 db)

  • Don’t up or downsample your files

  • Files in 24bit or 32bit & .wav or .aiff

  • Make sure that your track has a few seconds silence at the beginning & the end

  • Label your files clearly

Spl Hermes Mastering Controller
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