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Top 5 EQ Plugins 2024

Updated: May 13

Equalizers are essential tools in audio production, offering precise control over frequency balance and tonal shaping. In this article, we'll explore the top five equalizer plugins currently on the market, along with a bonus plugin that offers unique features for audio processing.



eventide split eq plugin

·      Key features: Split signal processing, Transient and Tonal modes, Frequency-dependent processing, Filter morphing.

·      GUI quality and usability: Innovative interface design with intuitive controls for manipulating transient and tonal components of audio signals.

·      Eq algorithm: Advanced algorithms for split signal processing and frequency-dependent equalization.

·      Main strength: Split EQ allows for independent processing of transient and tonal elements, offering unique creative possibilities for sound shaping.

·      Why: provides innovative options for audio manipulation, enabling users to sculpt sounds with precision and creativity.

2.     TDR Nova


tdr nova ge eq plugin

·      Key features: Parallel dynamic equalization, Six bands with adjustable frequency, gain, and dynamic range, High-quality filters and processing.

·      GUI quality and usability: Clean and intuitive interface with flexible band control, spectrum analyzer, and precise parameter adjustments.

·      Eq algorithm: Transparent and musical equalization algorithms suitable for both corrective and creative processing.

·      Main strength: Nova provides powerful dynamic equalization capabilities, allowing users to shape the dynamics and tonal balance of audio signals with precision.

·      Why: TDR Nova offers professional-grade equalization tools in a user-friendly package, making it an essential plugin for mixing and mastering tasks.

3.     Sonible SmartEq


sonible smart eq 4 plugin

·      Key features: AI-powered dynamic EQ, Adaptive bands, Smart View mode, Frequency region editing.

·      GUI quality and usability: Modern, user-friendly interface with real-time frequency analysis and adaptive EQ adjustments.

·      Eq algorithm: Advanced algorithms for dynamic equalization with intelligent band processing.

·      Main strength: SmartEq intelligently adapts to audio signals in real-time, automatically adjusting EQ settings for optimal tonal balance.

·      Why: Sonible SmartEq is a friendly tool for dynamic equalization, offering effortless correction of frequency imbalances and enhancing the clarity of audio tracks.

4.     FabFilter Pro-Q3


fabfilter pro q3 equalizer plugin

·      Key features: Dynamic EQ, Linear Phase mode, Natural Phase mode, Mid/Side processing, Spectrum Grab feature.

·      GUI quality and usability: Sleek, intuitive interface with resizable window, detailed frequency spectrum display, and precise control over EQ bands.

·      Eq algorithm: High-quality digital equalization algorithms with minimal phase distortion.

·      Main strength: Versatility and flexibility in EQ adjustments, suitable for both corrective and creative equalization tasks.

·      Why: Pro-Q3 offers a consistent level of control and precision in equalization, making it a favorite among professional engineers and producers.

5.     Amek Eq200


amek eq200 plugin

·      Key features: Vintage-inspired EQ design, Classic analog sound, Musical filters.

·      GUI quality and usability: Classic hardware-inspired interface with ergonomic controls.

·      Eq algorithm: Emulation of classic analog equalization circuitry.

·      Main strength: Warm and colorful sonic character, reminiscent of vintage hardware.

·      Why: The Amek Eq200 adds character and warmth to audio signals, making it an excellent choice for adding a vintage vibe to mixes. With its vintage-inspired design and musical filters, the Eq200 offers a unique sonic signature that can enhance the richness and depth of any production.


mastering the mix fuser plugin

·      Key features: Masking detection and correction, Intelligent EQ adjustments, Mid/Side processing, Real-time analysis tools.

·      GUI quality and usability: Clean and intuitive interface with visual feedback on frequency masking and EQ adjustments.

·      Eq algorithm: Advanced algorithms for identifying and resolving frequency clashes between audio tracks.

·      Main strength: Fuser offers unique tools for addressing frequency masking issues and optimizing the clarity and separation of audio mixes.

·      Why: Fuser is an essential plugin for achieving professional-quality mixes, providing intelligent solutions for common mixing challenges such as frequency masking and tonal balance.


From the unparalleled precision and versatility of FabFilter Pro-Q3 to the revolutionary AI-powered dynamic EQ of Sonible SmartEq, these plugins provide powerful tools for shaping the tonal balance and dynamics of audio tracks. TDR Nova offers professional-grade equalization capabilities in a user-friendly package, while Eventide Split EQ introduces innovative tools for manipulating transient and tonal components.

The vintage-inspired warmth and character of the Amek Eq200 add a unique sonic flavor to mixes, while the bonus plugin, Fuser by Mastering the Mix, offers intelligent solutions for addressing frequency masking issues and optimizing mix clarity.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in audio production, these top equalizer plugins, along with the bonus Fuser plugin, are essential tools for achieving professional-quality mixes and mastering. Experiment with different plugins to find the ones that best suit your workflow and creative vision, and unlock new possibilities for sonic excellence in your productions.


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