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5 AI Driven Plugins for Producers in 2024

Is AI really taking over the music world? Maybe, if you don't know how to use it. In today's workflows, it's pretty tough to avoid finding an AI-driven plugin. Here, we've rounded up our favourites for music production tasks.

1. Sistema2 by

Sistema2 plugin by

With Sistema2's Prompt sound generation, you can instantaneously create unique and intricate synth sounds by simply entering a text description. From 'airy pads' to 'resonant basslines', the AI-powered engine interprets your request and crafts the perfect sound in real-time, streamlining your creative process.

Unleash the full potential of your sound design with Sistema2's AI-driven effect macros. The intelligent system suggests and applies the most suitable effects, modulations, and signal routing based on the sound you're creating, opening up a world of sonic possibilities while minimizing the guesswork.

2. InstaChord2 by W.A. Production

Instachord2 plugin interface by W.A. Production

InstaChord2 is the ultimate writer's block cure. Whether you're a songwriter or producer, this ideas engine will help you speed up your workflow and creation process. Find the best progression and apply a single pattern to play all of them. Easily master some of the hardest chords, in any musical key and combination of notes and different voicings. Use this plugin to generate chord shapes, learn tricky harmonics and share your creations.

Edit existing chords or create your own by selecting intervals between notes to make custom chords. Alternatively, play in notes with your MIDI keyboard to help Instachord 2 learn your favorite chord shape Thanks to the latest update, you can now also drag and drop MIDI from the pattern editor right to your DAW.

3. Emergent Drums 2 by Audialab

Emergent Drums 2 plugin by Audialab

Emergent Drums 2 is a revolutionary plugin that uses A.I. to generate infinite drum samples. Its cutting-edge generative models are trained to design novel drum samples from scratch, bit by bit. No source recordings are used to generate the samples, so each one is truly original. With the transformative Deep Sampling technology, you can create countless variations of samples from your personal collection. Simply drag-in an existing sample, set the similarity slider, and click generate for infinite options.

4. XO by XLN Audio

XO ai plugin by XLN Audio

Both as a beatmaker and virtual instrument, the XLN Audio XO is a fresh way to give your current productions a new lease on life. XO’s 8,000 drum sounds and 200+ presets range from old-school organics to cutting-edge electronics. And its space-like spectral explorer makes the former chore of finding the right drum sound an exciting exercise in visual exploration. Doubling up on existing MIDI drums radically transforms the vibe of your every session, which makes XO a fast, fun way to modernize or remix perennial favorites.

As a standalone beat machine, XO really shines; sync to your DAW’s host tempo, and let XO’s boozy Dilla grooves and choppy breakbeats free you up for other greater creative pursuits. If you’re looking for a fresh way to explore and create memorable drum tracks, we highly recommend you try XLN Audio’s XO plug-in.

VPS Avenger 2 Generative AI Expansion Pack 1 plugin by Vengeance Sound

Step into the future with "Generative 1", a groundbreaking expansion pack that showcases the incredible potential of AI-generated melodies when guided by human expertise. This innovative release, curated by a trio of modular-system enthusiasts: Manuel Schleis, Mirko Ruta, and Andy Hinz, takes you on an enchanting journey through self-playing and evolving presets spanning a wide array of musical genres. While you retain full control over the steering wheel, defining scales and parameters through the Macro controls, it's Avenger that adds the magic touch with rhythmic patterns and notes.

This isn't just about having fun. It's a playground of boundless creativity and inspiration. "Generative 1" invites you to embrace the future, offering an outstanding expansion that will revolutionize your music production experience.

You can't have power without control, and that's something we can all relate to! When it comes to AI technologies in your workflow, it's so important to stay on top of things. Use and implement your knowledge to drive the generative engines and ML algorithms for the best and quickest results. The possibilities are endless, so let's dive in and explore them together!

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