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Microphone Review: Mel Labs CRD-1 & MYc-3

Hello fellow audio enthusiasts. Here's a double review of two interesting microphones from Mel Labs. The company is a family-owned business based in Italy's beautiful capital, Rome. With laboratory, professional studio and live sound applications in mind, this company produces handmade microphones that are built to last and improve a technician's workflow in various situations.

CRD-1 (small diaphragm cardioid microphone)

With its powder-coated brass body and compact design, this unidirectional, pre-polarised condenser microphone offers a wealth of possibilities in a variety of recording scenarios, while preserving sound quality and accuracy.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 20-20000 Hz

  • Sensitivity: 15.8 mV/Pa [-36 dB re 1V/Pa] (@ 1kHz; +/-2 dB)

  • Maximum SPL: 136 dB SPL (THD < 3 %)

  • Equivalent Noise: 19 dBA SPL

  • Power Requirements: 48 V [5mA] phantom power

  • Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C

  • Balanced Output Impedance: 30 ohm

  • Weight: 56 g

  • Length: 64 mm


The CRD-1 has an impressive frequency response that ensures exceptional linearity across the entire spectrum. From the deepest bass to the crispest treble, this microphone captures every nuance with great accuracy and depth. Whether used for live performance, studio recording or close-miking, the CRD-1 delivers outstanding results. This microphone is an extremely valuable choice for amateurs and demanding professionals, given its current price, portability and range of features.


In addition to its compact size, the CRD-1 offers a wide range of applications, making it a versatile choice for any recording environment. From capturing the full tones of instruments to providing crystal clear dialogue in outdoor settings, this microphone performs well in any scenario. Our outdoor recording tests produced excellent results.


Due to its construction, the microphone has excellent low-end pickup capabilities, something to keep in mind when recording outdoors to avoid unwanted rumble in your recordings.  The included windscreens were effective at minimising unwanted noise, while maintaining clarity and detail in both dialogue and instruments.


While some microphones can add character to recordings, the CRD-1 takes a different approach. With an unwavering commitment to linearity and accuracy, this microphone serves as a faithful reproduction tool, capturing the true essence of any sound source. Rather than adding colour or embellishment to your recordings, the CRD-1 acts as a magnifying glass, revealing every detail in its purest form.



MYc-3 (measurement microphone)

The MYc-3 offers high accuracy and versatility for both indoor and outdoor acoustic applications. With its omnidirectional, pre-polarised condenser design and impressive technical specifications, the MYc-3 is a long-lasting microphone for audio measurement professionals.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Response (Free Field, 0°, +/- 1 dB): 10-10000 Hz

  • Frequency Response (Free Field, 0°, +/- 2 dB): 10-22000 Hz

  • Sensitivity: 15 mV/Pa [-36.5 dB re 1V/Pa] (@ 250Hz; +/-2 dB)

  • Maximum SPL (THD < 3 %): 140 dB SPL

  • Equivalent Noise: <23 dBA SPL equiv. (typical 22 dBA)

  • Power Requirements: 48 V [5mA] phantom power

  • Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C



The MYc-3 excels in providing precise and accurate measurements over a wide frequency range. Whether used for indoor acoustic analysis or outdoor recording sessions, this microphone consistently delivers reliable results with minimal distortion. We tested the MYc-3 in a variety of environments, from controlled indoor settings to challenging outdoor conditions, and it exceeded our expectations at every turn.




One of the outstanding features of the MYc-3 is its versatility in connectivity options. For example, the CEL-4, a miniaturised version of the MYc-3 with a 3.5mm jack, can transform a mobile device into a precision acoustic measurement tool. This adaptability makes the MYc-3 ideal for a wide range of applications, including live sound management and acoustic analysis.




The MYc-3 has a rugged construction designed to withstand the rigours of professional use. The inclusion of a hard shell case and tube housing ensures that the microphone remains protected even in demanding working environments. With its durable construction and unwavering reliability, the MYc-3 will stand the test of time and deliver consistent results for years to come.




Where precision and accuracy are paramount, the MYc-3 emerges as a true champion of audio measurement technology. From its wide frequency response to its unmatched sensitivity and durability, this microphone represents a pinnacle of excellence in acoustic measurement.

Thanks for reading, tell us what you think about this new microphones in the game, would these microphones suit your workflow?

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