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Beyond the Frontiers of Acoustics: A Glimpse Into the World-Renowned SE MUSICLAB


The Strauss Elektroakustik MUSICLAB, nestled in the heart of Bern, Switzerland, stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of sound. This esteemed institution is renowned not only for its state-of-the-art facilities but also for its unwavering commitment to exploring the uncharted frontiers of sound reproduction and crafting truly immersive audio experiences.

An interior wiev of SEMUSICLAB

1. The LAB

A crowning jewel within the Music Lab's arsenal is its awe-inspiring 24.5 multichannel speaker system, meticulously crafted by the skilled hands of Strauss Elektroakustik engineers. This system, a convergence of 29 individual channels orchestrated with precision through advanced DSP technology, bestows an unparalleled level of control over every nuance of the auditory landscape. The synergy of Merging Technologies converters and soundcards plays a harmonious role, ensuring meticulous command over the audio signal, resulting in a symphony of clarity and fidelity that surpasses expectations.

two people listening to a multichannel speaker system at SEMUSICLAB

a perspective of the clay rotunda built at SEMUSICLAB

At the heart of this captivating experience lies the Clay Rotunda, an architectural and acoustic marvel in collaboration with ETH Zürich, serving as the Lab's cocoon. This circular sanctuary, soaring to majestic heights of 5 meters, testifies to the innovative union of 30,000 soft mud bricks. The resonating notes of these bricks infuse the open space facility with a distinct acoustic signature, intertwining visual grandeur with auditory allure to create an environment that awakens the senses. Within this structure, the clay-made dome plays a fundamental role as a sound absorption mechanism, creating a space sufficient to house the colossal multichannel system. This remarkable, noise-free control room stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and innovation, a testament to its position as one of the best room-within-a-room constructions one can witness.


an interior view of the STUDIO at SEMUSICLAB with a person listening to the speakers

The MUSICLAB resonates with the soul of craftsmanship, dominated by the resounding presence of Strauss Elektroakustik's speaker line. Each speaker, a tribute to the relentless pursuit of excellence, emerges from the fusion of avant-garde design techniques and the use of premium-grade materials. This synergy births a speaker system that, like a virtuoso, navigates the entire frequency spectrum with unparalleled finesse. From the gentle caress of the highest highs to the resonant embrace of the deepest lows, these speakers breathe life into the auditory canvas.

The Studio room's beauty is matched only by its acoustic brilliance. Whether you're listening to music or recording it, this 38m2 space invites you to shape your sound with its range of selective resonating tiles placed on the walls, complemented by a modular absorbing curtain and wooden flap system that reaches up to the 6m ceiling. All signals from the Studio are directed to an adjacent control room. However, the Lab’s potential extends further through Ethernet connections and Audio over IP Networks. While management of latencies in extensive networks is still undergoing testing, it's evident that the Strauss Elektroakustik team aims for perfection in the realm of Audio Networking.


Our journey through this symphonic haven was enriched by the insights of Marc Warner, a gracious host and pivotal member of the Strauss Elektroakustik ensemble. With every word, Marc unveiled the genesis of the Music Lab and the intricate artistry that underpins its sonic reverie.

side view of the One Person Cinama OPC project

A special mention goes to the OPC project. The One Person Cinema is an immersive architectural marvel, manifesting as an actual wooden capsule module equipped with a multichannel speaker system and an HD monitor. This single-seater futuristic cockpit serves as an ideal platform for spatial audio and video projects, from final movie cuts to game testing, extending an extra mile for immersive project testing.

interior view of the workdesks at SEMUSICLAB

As our exploration crescendos, it becomes irrefutable that the Strauss Elektroakustik MUSICLAB stands as a testament to the unwavering pursuit of sonic excellence. Within its sacred walls, the advanced multichannel speaker system orchestrates harmonies that transcend imagination, while the hands that meticulously craft each speaker paint a sonic masterpiece. The architectural prowess of the Clay Rotunda frames this narrative with a touch of acoustic enchantment.

4. The "Danke"

interior view of SEMUSICLAB with Paul Schal

Inspired by the serene environment and fueled by the team's passion, we eagerly anticipate our journey towards sonic excellence. With profound gratitude, we extend our applause to Marc and the virtuoso collective at Strauss Elektroakustik, who graciously opened the doors to their realm of audio alchemy and redefined the boundaries of auditory enchantment.

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