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Do you want to hear what professional Mastering will bring out in your Music?

Simply upload a finished Mix: we`ll master your song and send back a sample at no cost!


We bring your production and mixdown to it’s maximum potential and ensure that your mixes translate to every listening situation and any medium it’s gonna be released on, in the best possible way. 

In short: It doesn’t matter whether it’s Streaming, CD, Vinyl or Youtube. We gonna make sure that your material will sound great! Our high-end analogue mastering service will bring your production to the top!

We’re using a full 120 volt signal chain powered by the latest high performance mastering console by SPL. Feeded by high end reference grade AD/DA converters. We are using only ther finest analog compressors, equalisers and signal processors. high quality Plugins and software solutions to process your audio. 
Take a look at our detailed gear-list with all of our analogue outboard equipment.


85€ per Song 
(Stereo Master)
140€ for up to 4 Stems (Stem Master)
260€ for up to 16 Stems  (Stem MixMaster)

+10€ per additional Stem
10% Discount for 4 Songs
15% Discount for 8 Songs
20% Discount for 15 Songs or more



When mixing projects we work as close as possible with the artist to deliver the most authentic and suiting results for our clients. 
 Our acoustically optimized rooms, our excellent monitoring setup and beyond that more than 20 years of experience in audio production allow us to provide transparent, tight and fully dynamic mixes that sound alive. No matter whether it’s hybrid (analog/digital) or fully in the box we will find the sound you are looking for!



260€ (incl. 16 Stems)


10€ per Stem for additional Stems

7€ per Stem after reaching 32 Stems




We offer the full range of production service: 
 From the very beginning of recording, arranging and mixing until the final stages of mastering your project.
Simply tell us about your wishes and requirements and we will develope a personalized offer for you.
With a huge variety of analogue hardware, virtual instruments and effects we are specialized in electronic music production of all kind. Our recording setup allows us to achieve high quality recordings of acoustic instruments, vocals and  smaller band setups.
In cooperation with our partners also larger recordings of any scale are possible.



Our production, recording und mixing room Studio B offers your creativity enough space and inspiration to bring your projects to life.
Our analog synth and instrument collections inspires you to create new sonic visions, while our high end monitoring system and room treatment let you focus on your compositions.



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